Elías is the son of Norma and Ramón, a roofer from Entre Ríos. Elías completed the Logistics Assistant course at the Forge Foundation and, at 19, works at a plastics factory in Tigre weighing and packing boxes. He earns, by far, the highest wages in his home and has been able to help his family upgrade part of the electrical wiring in their home and buy sneakers for his younger siblings. He has learned what it feels like to save and to have self-esteem. He dreams of becoming an HR Manager at a large corporation. He is convinced that he will be able to turn his dream into a reality. “My goal is to have my own house, to own a car, to continue helping my parents, to travel, and to broaden my horizons,” he says with determination. Elías, who has never been outside of the province of Buenos Aires, wants to be a citizen of the world. And why shouldn’t he?