Who We Are History


Following a long and successful international business career, Argentine engineer Sam Mizrahi decided to create a program that would help low-income youths change their lives by gaining access to quality jobs.

In order to make this dream a reality, he joined forces with a group of professionals and together they created the Forge Foundation, whose very name expresses their desire to shape and “forge” a better destiny for the young people of Latin America.

That is how, in 2005, Forge was born, as a non-profit organization headquartered in Switzerland and run from the southern district of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Almost immediately, Forge had a great impact and drew a lot of attention in the public high schools where the program was introduced. The kids, their families, the companies that hired them, and the community as a whole, acknowledged that this could become a significant model to address youth unemployment in Latin America.

Forge has become a change agent in the region, with a far-reaching program that tackles key poverty drivers and develops a young workforce that is fully prepared to succeed in modern society.

The services that Forge provides are 100% free for both the young people enrolled and the companies that hire program graduates.

The foundation is funded through contributions and grants made by individuals, companies and organizations.

The program is led by a group of professionals with strong backgrounds in social services, education and business.

Currently, there are sixteen Forge Training Centers all across Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Perú and México.

Since its inception, the number of young people who participate in the program has grown steadily year over year.