What We Do The Program


The program is aimed at 16-22 year-olds from low income families, who are in their last year of public high school.

The program complements their formal education and is 100% free for all participants.

Forge actively recruits youngsters from public schools in the vicinity of its Training Centers.

Young people who are interested in the program attend information sessions at the specific Training Centers to which they will apply for admission.

Following a selection process, scholarships are awarded and students are admitted into the program.


During the first year, the program strives to nurture individual strengths and technical aptitudes which will enable each student to become not only their best self, but the best employee possible.

The program has a three-pronged approach to success: the development of personal strengths, the development of professional aptitudes, and career planning.

The youngsters attend a Training Center twice a week during their first year.

They can choose among the following career orientations which are highly valued in today’s labor market:

  • Customer Service and Sales
  • Logistics and Production
  • Food Service and Hospitality
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science

In the second year of the program, Forge mentors its students as they enter the workplace.

Forge introduces its graduates to potential employers for job openings within companies associated with the program.

During this program phase, Forge strives to strengthen students’ employability.

For this purpose, students are assigned mentors who provide personalized assistance throughout their education and integration into the workforce.

Simultaneously, students take part in monthly workshops and meetings.


Forge stays in touch with its graduates via the Alumni Network. Currently, the Alumni Network offers the following activities:

  • Train the Trainers Workshop: Forge invites its graduates to become future instructors for the program and guides them through this process.
  • Entrepreneurship Workshop for graduates who want to develop their own business projects.
  • College scholarships for graduates who are already employed.