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Low-income youths have a hard time entering the workforce, which is a major social problem that affects current and future generations throughout Latin America.

The unemployment rate among 15-24 year-olds in Latin America is between two and four times higher than that of adults aged 25 and older.

One of the major obstacles facing young people who are trying to enter the workforce is the lack of decent, quality, productive jobs. It has become such a problem worldwide, that the United Nations has declared it one of the Millennium Development Goals.

Today, one out of every 20 young people does not go to school, does not help out at home and does not actively look for work, undoubtedly making them disenfranchised and at-risk. Among those young people who work, high percentages do so in precarious conditions.

The situation is worse among low-income youngsters who don’t have role models of personal and professional growth to relate to and to emulate.

The growing demands of the labor market, and the disconnect between high school education and the workplace are among the reasons this problem has become exacerbated in the past few decades.

At Forge, we address this problem through the Training and Work Program which is aimed at low-income Latin American youths. 80% of the young people who complete the program are able to secure a quality job.

Juan in his neighborhood, wearing the shirt of Argentina

Juan, two years later, with his chemistry degree, working in Tigre Group.