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Forge builds bridges between public high schools and the working world by promoting a culture of decent work.

Many Latin American high school graduates struggle to find decent jobs. They often find themselves unemployed or trying to run their own business under less than optimal conditions — they either earn no salary or earn unreported wages.

Worse still, they may find themselves in the unfortunate situation of neither going to school nor working, nor looking for work. (We often refer to them as “NEET” – not in employment, education or training – youth.)

In addition to encouraging them to finish school, Forge offers a concrete solution to the problem of youth unemployment through an innovative training and job placement program.

At the beginning of each school year, Forge enrolls new students by reaching out to over 150+ public schools in Argentina, Uruguay and Peru.

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Forge seeks out quality employers – those who find strategic value in their human resources, those who respect the law, and those who provide a good work environment and appropriate salaries.

The relationship between Forge and these companies is upstanding and highly synergistic – the companies help Forge achieve its mission by employing program graduates, while Forge helps companies select and introduce entry-level employees into their teams.

Companies in the network freely select employees who have acquired desirable technical skills and personal qualities through Forge’s unique training and work program.

Companies are also invited to have input into the course content, to teach special lessons, and to run hands-on apprenticeships in their workplaces.

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In their own words: Carlos Piana (Escuela de Educación Secundaria Nro.8), Fernando Santajuliana (Escuela Técnica Nro 1), Donato Di Santo (Escuela de Educación Secundaria Nro 9), Mónica Osan Chilo (Escuela Secundario Nro 13), Marcelo Vera (PF Chang’s), Mariano Wolfenson (Starbucks), Mariana Amores (Sodexo), Nicolás Benvenuto (Legacy) and Martín Perelstein (Schenker).