What We Do

The focus of Forge program is placed on the development of social-emotional skills and habits necessaries for work such us: communication, teamwork, presence, learning capacity, solving problems, among others. we focus on those skills that companies value when incorporating young people into their teams.

Some of our programs include technical training that allows young people to approach different market areas (for example: Health, Business Administration, Food Service and Hospitality, IT, and others).

Throughout the program, students face different challenges aim to achieve the next level. Young people strengthen their self-esteem, work as a team, identify their opportunities and weaknesses, develop professional and personal skills with different resources: visits to companies, workshops, simulated interviews, in order to achieve achieve quality employment.

During the last level of the program, students are assigned mentors who provide personalized assistance to let them get a job and maintain it over time.

During the program, young people attend meetings of 2.5 hours, two and three times per week according to modality they choose, studying a total of 115 and 160 hours.

The complete program (level 1 to 5) lasts between 16 and 20 months according to the modality chosen.

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