Valeria lives in La Boca with her mother and two sisters; all three girls are excellent students and are known for their dedication to their studies. After completing high school, Valeria was torn – she needed to work and earn money, but she wanted to study and pursue a career. At 17, Valeria attended Forge’s Food Service course and landed a part-time job at Café Martínez, which allows her to study and pursue a career. It has been a productive past two years for Valeria, as she is about to earn a degree as a lab technician – she attends classes at the Red Cross and does her practical training at the Ramos Mejía Hospital. With her salary, Valeria pays for her family’s property taxes and unplanned-for expenses, such as replacing a non-functioning refrigerator. She confesses that when she has money left over, she indulges herself by purchasing scientific journals and books.