Sheila was always stubbornly obsessed with helping others. Ever since she was a little girl, she was involved in causes that sought to help those in need. If a neighborhood friend did not have the means to throw a birthday party, Sheila would step in to organize it and rustle up donations for gifts. For a long time she worked pro bono at Providencia, a non-profit organization in the Cerro neighborhood of Montevideo, tutoring kids who needed help with their schoolwork. She now lives in that neighborhood, and has helped so much over the years that she has become a community leader whom they call “the counselor.” Maybe that’s why now, at 18 and a Forge graduate, she still works at Providencia as a paid secretary. She is also in law school, affirming that “I will one day have my own law practice so that I can keep on helping others and reaffirming my core values.”