Nicolás started working when he was 17 and his parents separated. Since then, he has helped pay for household expenses thanks to the salary he earns as a waiter at the Club de Amigos de Palermo. He got this job thanks to the Forge Foundation and the strong life skills it provided him. “I learned how to correct my mistakes and not to be embarrassed by them; I learned to try again. At the Foundation, we got over our mistakes by juggling or riding on a unicycle; we had a great time during those workshops. And now, when I spill a cup of coffee or drop a tray, I think back to those times, smile and move on.” Nicolás knows that he has a long road ahead of him and that he will indeed have to do some “juggling” of his own to move ahead. He also knows that he has built a strong work ethic that will help him reach his dream of owning his own restaurant.