Gonzalo is the eldest child and a pillar of strength for his family. At age 8, Gonzalo already helped his father at work, caring for the lawns and pools in Pilar, a few kilometers from their house. He did a few other odd jobs – he helped his aunt at a convenience store, was a mechanic’s assistant – but he never abandoned his education. It was at school that he learned about Forge and decided to enroll in the Logistics Assistant course. He currently works in Calico, a logistics and distribution company based in the Tortuguitas area. Sometimes he rides the bus to work, other times he rides a beat-up motorcycle. Nothing can hold Gonzalo back from his desire to learn and move ahead. He is a fighter who has worked hard ever since he was a child. Today, at age 19, he has an infectious enthusiasm and dreams about keeping his job forever to be able to continue helping his family.