When Betsy and her little brother left their native Peru with their mother, they felt helpless. In May of 2008, Betsy and the city of Montevideo were still getting to know each other; she did not have many friends. It was at this pivotal moment that Betsy decided to seek out the Forge Foundation. After her first class, Betsy decided to stop working as a maid, and with her mother’s encouragement, she began to dedicate her time and energy to Forge’s training program. That is how she charted a new course for her future and discovered that she had a passion for logistics. She became so interested in the subject that she began writing letters to her grandfather who had a small transformer company in Peru. Today, Betsy’s grandfather eagerly heeds the logistics advice provided by his granddaughter – how to inventory goods, how to place orders, how to handle receivables. Betsy is doubly satisfied: she is proud of her newly acquired knowledge and happy to be able to help her beloved grandfather.