It is said that one has to work hard to have good luck. Maybe that is why Yanina starts each day with an open mind, ready for any opportunity that might present itself. Yanina grew up in the working-class neighborhood of José C. Paz, north of Greater Buenos Aires. Her mother is a housekeeper and her father is a carpenter and plumber. When she was in her last year of school, Yanina decided to start looking for work. That was when a neighborhood friend recommended that she look into Forge. Today, Yanina starts each day by opening the snack bar at the Italian Hospital where she sells, prepares and serves coffee to patients’ family members. Thanks to her efficiency and friendliness, she was promoted to receptionist – she was taught to use the computer and her salary was doubled! When Yanina thinks back to a time when there was not enough to go around – not enough work, school supplies, or even food – she is grateful for her current situation and works hard to ensure that luck does not abandon her.